Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I started this occasional blog to keep folk posted with the Campaign for Secular education (UK) to get the fundies back out of schools. Peter Vardy and his ilk are snake oil salesmen selling "nice" ideas to the masses but the real reason they want to be in education is to promote their own brand of Christianity and New Labour is behind them all the way.

They don't like gays; the think the world was created by a god and Darwinian evolution seems like something of an inconvience to them. Facts don't bother them unless they've twisted them and although they're in a minority, they are making great inroads into our children's schools.

Well we want them out and we want to put the controls over education back with the LEA.

One of the biggest culprits is the Vardy Foundation (aka Emmanuel Schools Foundation) - run by a millionaire fundie version of Swiss Toni. Is this really the sort of guy you want in charge of your kids education?


Blogger Andy said...

Great blog, Marc, and a good start with the one that follows this welcome (i.e. the one above it), at http://nofaithschools.blogspot.com/2005/09/evidence-of-tony-blair-lying-and-peter.html (its permanant link). Powerful letter that shows that this NuLabour hotchpotch of mismanagement (and I ain't no natural Tory) is willing to lie and deceive just to get its Christian agenda (well, religious agenda, really, since it want so set up 150 Muslim schools to teach more about sky fairies and supposed prophets) into the field of education. I fear for the next two or three generations if this project succeeds, and we end up like the USA, where mor than 90% of the population, I think, believe in a personal god.

8:31 AM

Anonymous DaveB said...

Great idea. I think this is an important campaign. Good luck with the Blog

3:34 PM


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